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Yoga, in its ultimate sense, represents to me the study, the path, the means to proceed, and the represents the absolute aim. How to achieve this is another matter and four main paths of Yoga are shown here. All other paths like - Hatha, Kundalini, Mantra, Laya, etc are either parts of these or permutations or combinations of them.

What Yoga path should we follow in this modern world? I feel that each one of us should draw from the different approaches that which suits our temperament and personal life situation. All paths offer legitimate methods to quieting the mind, opening the heart, and help us better able to serve others. To state the obvious, just as no two people are the identical, no two yogic paths are identical either.

The different paths of Yoga to the ULTIMATE GOAL include :
More details of different paths of yoga

Karma yoga- This is for the people who are outgoing. The highest example of this would be Mother Theresa.Yoga Benefits Over Traditional Exercis
Bakti Yoga- the path of devotion. This is for people of emotional nature. People reach this state by prayer and ritual.
Jnana Yoga- the Yoga of knowledge. This is for the people who are intellectual in nature. They find their peace through the study of scriptures
Raja Yoga- western kind of Yoga. This is the royal road. It unites the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the self. It is the most practical.

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